Arizona Tiki Oasis Halloween Art Show

Featuring over 20 artists! Join us for the 2020 Arizona Tiki Oasis virtual art show. % of proceeds to benefit Arizona Preservation Foundation. All art is for SALE inquire at:

Meet all the artists on Friday Oct 30th 5pm-6:30pm LIVE on

hosted by Audrey Moorehead and BigToe.

Additional images available upon request!


Featured Artists

BigToe Art
Daisy Church
Diane Bombshelter
Eric October
Harry Decker
James Owen
Jason Straughan “The Boozy Doodler”
Justin Peterson
Kymm! Bang
Liana Hee
Lisa Penney
Megan Besmirched
Mike C
Mike Maas
Mookie Sato
Odd Rodney
Rarabird – Laura Harper
Ryan Hungerford
Poison Ivey Art – Sara Ivey
Scotty Roller
Tom Cooper

“Spooksville Cat Noir” by Kymm Bang!
Crushed glass, custom printed linen, hardboard
9.5x 24, $300


“Haunted Tiki Island” by Mookie Acrylic on Wood 20×16 framed, $500

“Night of the Living Tikis” by Mike C
Acrylic on Wood
12x15x1.5 deep, $275

“Mummy Needs a Drink”
by Daisy Church
Marker on Paper. 5×7 framed, $125
“She-Devil of Bora Bora”
by Daisy Church
Marker on Paper. 5×7 framed, $125
“Like a Bolt of Lightning”
by Daisy Church
Marker on Paper. 5×7 framed, $125

“Hula-Ween” by Candy Weil
Acrylic on panel, 12×12, $1200

“Tiki Time” by Ryan Hungerford
Acrylic on Wood Panel
12″x9″, $200.00

 “Spook ‘n’ Sip” by Lisa Penney
Hand-Painted Paper, Plastic, Acrylic, Wood, Sculpey, PLA, Paint, Glue
10x18x4.25 (framed art behind glass), $1300

“Ghastly Libations!” by Jason Straughan “The Boozy Doodler” Acrylic on black velvet. 9×18, $200

“The Most Sincerest Pineapple Patch” by Rarabird – Laura Harper
Acrylic on Canvas
11×14, $595

“Mystery Ghoul” by Megan Besmirched 

Acrylic on board 
16×12, $900

“Trouble No More” by James Owen 
8×10 in vintage frame, Oil on linen, $350

“Ooh That’s Spooky”
by James Owen
Oil on wood panel
 12×16, $550

“Pumpkin Dealer” by BigToe Art
This is an Artist Remarque canvas print (hand-painted detail over custom print) in hand-refinished vintage frame. Only TWO made! 14×18 / 20×24 framed, $350

“Moonlight Beachcomber”
by Daisy Church
Ink and Pencil on Paper. 9×12, $125
“Trader Icks”
by Daisy Church
Ink and Pencil on Paper. 9×12, $125

“Got A Light?”by Scotty Roller
Acrylic paint and screen print on wood
18×18 / 25.5x 25.5 with frame, $500

“Hula Howl-oween” by Eric October Colored Pencil on Black Paper 8×10, $170.00

“Tiki Corn-fusion” by Tom Cooper Acrylic on panel with felt-like fringe 11×14, $350

“Tropical Offerings” by Jason Straughan “The Boozy Doodler”

Acrylic and pen 11×17, $ 300

“Witches Elixir” by Justin Peterson
Digital illustration on canvas
16×20, $175

“TeeKee WeeGee” by Atomikitty Acrylic on wood panel 11×17 Board with 6×4 Planchette, $400

“Pele, Ku and YOU” by Poison Ivey Art – Sara Ivey. Gouache, Coffee and Ink on Cut Paper 12×16, $425

“Thinkin’ ‘Bout Drinkin’ by Mike Maas
Acrylic on Board
17x12x2.75, $300 + shipping

“Tiki Tombstone Pin-up Ghoul” by Diane Bombshelter
Acrylic & Czech glass rhinestones on black velvet 11×14, $200

“Franken-Moai #1” by Odd Rodney One-of-a-kind! Stoneware embellished with texture and handmade details 9 inches tall, 3.25 inches diameter, $250

“Selina” by Harry Decker
Pencil, Digital painting on canvas, gold foil Custom carved one-of-a-kind frame. Ready to hang! 16 × 20/ Framed 20.5 x 25″ $1250.00

Piña Ghoulada by Liana Hee
Medium: gouache 
4×6, $575 + $25 shipping and handling