Arizona Tiki Oasis is the crossroads of the Tiki world. Craftsmen, artists, tinkerers, and traders haul their wares to AZTO, creating an Exotica emporium unmatched throughout the world.

Marketplace Hours

Saturday April 25th: 10am-4pm
Sunday April 26th: 10am-4pm
Open to the Public

Interested in being a vendor?

Find out more about how to become an official AZTO vendor and bring your wares to a diverse Tiki audience. 


  • Art of Doug Horne, The
    Original art, limited edition prints, mugs, pins, canvas prints.
  • Burchworks
    Original art in the form of prints, acrylic paintings, buttons, etc.
  • Eric October
    Ceramics, paintings, pendants, prints and more!
  • Fancy Fruits
    A tropical mosh pit of light up hair flowers, tiki crowns and carnivorous alien plants.
  • Heidiline
    Handmade, vintage fabric, and vintage inspired fabric tiki bags, aprons, and accessories
  • James Owens Art
    Original oil paintings and prints influenced by the post-war pop culture and the pre-war pulp culture.
  • Jatiki surfboard carvings and tikis
    Hand carved surfboard art, Tikis, Masks and original Canvas Paintings.
  • Kymm! Bang
    Original, Mid Century inspired PolyPop art for your walls and body!
  • Menehune Design Group/Woody Miller
    Oakland handmade ceramics, unique, proprietary designs inspired by vintage tiki, Polynesia, and Hawaiiana.
  • Mr Smiley’s Emporium of Zazz
    Vintage Tiki fashions, decor and fun, oddball items.
  • Munktiki
    Collectable Tiki Mugs